Ring Bracelet with Mother Mary pendant

279,00 kn approximately 32,00 €

Blood Sugar Drops bracelet with a motive of Mother Mary is hand made and unique piece of jewelry made of 22 karat gold plated over bronze pendant and 22 karat g.p.metal parts such as chains and ring.


  • Bracelet size is approximately 6 inches (15 centimeters) and goes along with chain of 1,6 inches.


Virgin Mary is portrayed in gold vermeil. It is stamped 1830 at Mary's feet as that is the year St. Catherine had the vision which spawned the medal. This is piece is cast from a reproduction, the details on the front are clear and unblemished the "M" on the back is mostly clear, but there is a hairline flaw running through it.

  • Item is wrapped in beautiful box that is included in price
  • Item is very resistant, but it is highly recommendable to avoid contact with liquid because it might damage texture shiny surface of the the gold plating

"Gold Ornament" ring

22 karat gold plating

149,00 kn approximately 19,00 €

"Dragonslayer Crystal" ring

22 kt gold plating and crystals

399,00 kn approximately 53,00 €

"Gold Leaves" ring

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149,00 kn approximately 19,00 €