"Scorpio Sister" earrings

1.299,00 kn approximately 156,00 €

Blood Sugar Drops earrings with scorpio motive are made of vintage pendants back form 1950.

They are carefully handrafted in limited edition more then 60 years ago, polished and dipped in gold. Also, they are very easy to wear and lightweight.


  • All elements are 22 karat gold plated with Swarovsky crystals
  • Earrings are made for pierced ears
  • Dimensions: 8.5 cm length, width 2.5 cm
  • Made in Croatia in limited edition
  • Product is wrapped in luxury velvet burgundy box
  • Item is very resistant, but it is highly recommendable to avoid contact with liquid because it might damage texture of the metal parts
  • Product is available for delivery immediately