Medea gold plated ring

350,00 kn 175,00 kn approximately 23,00 €

Brand : Sankto Leono jewelry


Product name:  " Medea Gold "


Gold plated ring made of 2 connected rings.


  • 24 kt gold plating
  • Fits sizes 6 /6,5 / 7/ 7,5 (US size chart)
  • Product is also available in silver (metallic), black silver and rose plated color.
  • Product is available for delivery immediately
  • Item is wrapped in beautiful box that is included in price
  • Item is very resistant, but it is highly recommendable to avoid contact with liquid because it might damage texture shiny surface of the the gold plating

"Dragon Emerald" ring

22 kt gold plated with emerald...

299,00 kn approximately 39,00 €